About CG Cookie

We believe there's a better way for artists to learn online.

What is CG Cookie?

CG Cookie has evolved several times over the past 7 years.

We’ve been numerous things in the past which have culminated into what we are today. The words which best describe us are the following:

CG Cookie is an online incubator for emerging artists.

We offer focused online education to artists around the world, giving them the tools of traditional and digital art which we use in our own studio production. Additionally, we help manage and curate the Blender Marketplace – a dedicated space for artists to sell their work and become successful themselves.

Over the years, CG Cookie has gained a strong userbase which has grown into a dedicated community. It is one of our strongest features, allowing artists to network and gain critical peer exposure and feedback on their work.

Our humble beginning

CG Cookie was founded on a laptop while on a long train commute into the city of Chicago. It was created with the goal to create a site that enables artists to become successful – as well as the desire to not make the 2-hour commute any longer. 😉


Since this start, CG Cookie has grown into a crew of 6 full-time employees and 12+ regular contractors that help keep the engine running. We’ve never taken investment income and have been bootstrapping since the beginning. This hasn’t always meant a smooth ride; we had to earn the support of every single member of our community over the years and faced more than a few struggles along the way, but it has been an amazing and incredibly rewarding ride for all of us involved within CG Cookie.

One of our early goals was this: “We want to become a topic of positive discussion in the digital art community”. This one is not easy to verify: we don’t have flies on the walls in all parts of the world, but we certainly hope and strive for this goal to be reached daily.

Why we do it

Nearly everyone involved with CG Cookie has a creative background, a self-driving burning desire to create and to help artists around the world become successful. The best reward of doing our job is hearing from our members that CG Cookie helped them land their dream job, start a new career or simply allowed them model that alien cyborg they’ve been wanting to do all their life.

Interacting with artists and people around the world is truly a dream job for everyone involved in CG Cookie. It’s why we get out of bed in the morning.

Love thy neighbor

Our version of this motto is: Love thy member!

It is an incredibly humbling and rewarding experience to enjoy the unwavering support of our community and know that we continue to earn it every day.


But enough talk, let’s get to baking some cookies!