Using Game Assets in Unity

Using Game Assets in Unity

Learn how to integrate your 3d models and textures in Unity to be used as a prop or interactive prefab in your game.


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Game Asset Integration in Unity

Lets import our model to be used as a game asset inside Unity

Asset Integration Course

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Adding Custom Game Assets in Unity

Welcome to the Game Asset Integration course. This is the third in this series of courses ┬áthat teach you how to create, model, texture and finally utilize that game asset inside of Unity. Picking up where the last course left off we’ll go over the basics of exporting assets from Blender and importing them into Unity.

In this course you’ll learn how to:

  • Use FBX, OBJ and .Blend files within Unity
  • Update Assets
  • Create exportable prefabs to be used in other projects
  • Apply components like colliders and rigidbodies

You’ll also get some quick tips and tricks on how to improve your workflow when working with game assets. Once you’ve completed this course you’ll have the knowledge on how to implement your own custom game assets from Blender into Unity.

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