Create Stunning 3D Art

Harness the Power of Blender

Blender is an incredibly powerful 3D software package used by studios, professional modellers and students worldwide.


3D Modeling and Animation Taught in Blender

Free, community-created and yours to use without any license requirements, Blender is the definition of open-source software. Supporting the entire 3D pipeline including modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing, motion tracking and even video editing and game creation – so there are no limits to what you can create. Head over to to download the latest version now.

Own 3D Fundamentals

Taking a course on creating a specific model is great. Gaining the fundamental knowledge needed to model anything is infinitely more valuable. Follow our Learning Flow and start building your own vision today. Check out Introduction to Blender Learning Flow

Imagine it. Create it.

Are you imagining an orc riding a goat decked out in gummy bear armor? There are no limits to what you can create in the digital world. From ninja robots to 3D print-ready keychains, with Blender you can make it happen. Browse our gallery for inspiration.

Blow Your Audience Away

Learn the art of texturing your 3D models and achieve incredible photorealism by capturing the cold hardness of metal, glossy smoothness of glass, or the warm elastic quality of human skin. Create realistic textures for your models.

Network and make friends

CG Cookie is a borderless online art school. It is an incredibly inspiring experience to network and learn from our talent pool! Join the community and start rubbing elbows with artists around the globe. Become a part of our global community.