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  • So much love to be found here!

    -luisito44, Love Machine

  • This is my review with no company. It should auto-fill my name and user ID on the backend.

    -luisito44, Ninja in Chief, CG Cookie

  • This is my review with no company. It should auto-fill my name and user ID on the backend.


  • Coolest company created. If only Wes gave out more coffee…

    -Jonathan Williamson, CG Cookie

  • Wow goats are cool

    -Nick Haskins, Goats R Us

  • “[T]he new Blender flows are great. Much better than doing things randomly for a long time and occasional YouTube tutorials. I learn new useful tips and techniques in just about every lesson.”

  • “CG Cookie is indispensable, a near bottomless trove of information that can only help you succeed. Keep it near you at all times.

    CG Cookie has really helped me grow as an artist. I return to CG Cookie time after time to review old techniques or to find new ones to help me with my designs.”

  • “I’m a surgeon and I have no art or CG background. CG Cookie’s individual tutorials and full courses have taught me enough to feel comfortable launching a small medical illustration business. Their comprehensive library covers everything from modelling basics through material creation, compositing, and rendering final images. As software packages such as Blender continually update with new features CG Cookie provides new tutorials that have let me maximize the software’s capabilities.”

  • Going on year three with CG Cookie and I can truly say that without these guys I would not have gotten this far! Working full-time, classes have been a blessing due to the offline file downloads that you can do on your own time. I have always found the instructors available for questions I may have and they are always willing to help with issue I’ve come across. And believe me, there has been many! CG Cookie has given me the skills to bring my characters and objects to life!