Question Module Gremlins

We’re currently experiencing some difficulties with the Questions Module on the dashboard being blank. The CG Cookie website has a ton of moving parts, and while we do our best to test multiple portions of the site before deploying code,

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CG Cookie Version 6.3

Today we pushed out another feature packed up to the site. This update has been several weeks in the making and was started well before we all left for Winter break. This update brings a brand new user tour, the groundwork for global search, and several bug fixes and miscellaneous updates.

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CG Cookie Version 6.2

Greetings! It’s your favorite bearded developer hailing from the mountains here in North Carolina. I’m back to update you with another jam-packed update to the site that is chalk full of awesome goodies! Read on for the full-scoop and prepare for amazingness overload!

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CG Cookie Version 6.1

Today we released a small update to the site, and although this particular deploy didn’t have a lot of features, it has one really cool feature that we think you’ll find pretty interesting.

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November 9th 2015 Outage – Post Mortem

Today CG Cookie was offline for several hours. Here’s why.

When I came on this morning I immediately noticed the delayed load times with all pages of the site. In some areas the load times were taking 20-30s to load a page.

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CG Cookie Version 6.0


CG Cookie Version 6.0 marks the 25th update to the site since we released 5.0 back in July. This update is truly feature packed, with a slew of new goodies and bug fixes aimed at making your time on the site a lot more fun and engaging.

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